We are delighted to have Isabelle Vanderschelden joining us to present a mini-season of five Francophone African films at Altrincham Little Theatre.

The umbrella title given to this mini-series tries to bring together films from a broad continent.

These films do not often benefit from wide cinema release in the UK and remain limited to independent networks and festivals. Yet the films made in Africa are varied and the choice of films for this mini season has been difficult, arbitrary and limited by availability.

The terms Francophone and African should be taken in a broad geographic sense as all the films have their own identity. Some original dialogues are in French, others are in Arabic, Berber, and most are multilingual. One of the guiding lines for the final programme was the representation of women’s voices in films in different forms and at different times.

Presenter Isabelle Vanderschelden will introduce the films and lead a discussion session after each screening for anyone who wishes to join in. Film notes will be provided and complimentary refreshments will be offered in the theatre bar.

Tickets are available now: a five-film ticket for £25.00, any three films for £18.00 and any single film £7.00.

Films will be introduced by the speaker at 7.00pm, screenings begin at about 7.15/7.30pm. The theatre will open from 6.30pm.


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Isabelle Vanderschelden is a former Senior Lecturer in French Studies from Manchester Metropolitan University who holds a PhD on Literary Translation evaluation (University of Manchester 1995). Her main areas of research include contemporary French cinema; film production; screenwriting; intercultural competence and film literacy. She has written extensively in French and in English in these fields.
Her publications include Screenwriters in French Cinema co-authored with Sarah Leahy (2021); Studying French Cinema (2013); Amelie (2007); France at the Flicks: Issues in Popular French Cinema (co-edited with Darren Waldron, 2007).

She is co-founder of FILTA (Film in Language Teaching Association) and has co-edited with Carmen Herrero Using Film and Media in the Language Classroom: Reflections on Research-led Teaching (2019).