Directed by: Lasse Hallström
Released: 1985
Run time: 101 minutes
Certificate: PG
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The story of Ingemar, a boy who learns about life, death, loss and everything else.

This quirky coming-of-age cult classic is beautifully directed by Lasse Hallstrom and perfectly captures what it’s like to be a young boy growing up. That it takes place in 1950’s Sweden makes no difference, all young boys go through the feelings and emotions shown in this film.

Ingemar (Anton Glanzelius) has been sent to live with his childless aunt and uncle. It is 1959, and he is fixated by two major events - his namesake fighting for the World Heavyweight boxing title; and the fate of Laika, a dog sent into space by the Soviets. Fatherless, and facing his sick mother's imminent death, Ingemar identifies with Laika's journey into the unknown as he searches for a place among his eccentric new family - often with hilarious results.

Winner of the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film, and nominated for two Academy Awards.

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