Directed by: Arnaud Despleschin
Released: 2019
Run time: 119 minutes
Certificate: U (France)
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A Police chief tries to solve the case of an old woman who was brutally murdered

Christmas night in Roubaix. Police chief Daoud roams the city. Burnt out cars, violent altercations...
In the face of poverty, deception and distress, Daoud knows who is lying and who is telling the truth.

Fresh out of the police academy, Louis has recently joined Daoud’s crew. Young, awkward and easily misled, he constantly misunderstands those he encounters. Daoud and Louis are confronted with the murder of an old woman. The old woman’s neighbours – two young women, Claude and Marie – are arrested. They are addicts, alcoholics, lovers… they terrify Louis. But Daoud never judges them. He speaks, he listens to them.

Rising beyond the horror of their crime Daoud will find a way to give two murderers back their humanity.

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